Amazing Weight Loss With Curry Leaf (करी पत्ता)

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In India curry leaf(करी पत्ता) are mainly used to add flavor to the dishes especially in southern part of the India and people use it in their day to day life. But it also has many health benefits including weight loss. We always seek for the best way to lose weight and try every possible thing but we never realize that nature has given us so many beneficial herbs and foods which we already know but not aware of.

  • Weight Loss Benefits:
  • Great Detoxifier: Curry leaves are natural detoxifier, it cleanses your body from inside and eliminates all the toxins from your body so if you consume curry leaves on a daily basis it will help you to reduce your body fat because detoxification prevents your body from bloating, Helps you in deep breathing. Detoxifying foods or herbs reduces the risk of allergies and reactions to any food in your body.

  • Improves Digestion: Curry leaves effectively improves your digestion, poor digestion causes you in constipation, bloating, gas, acid reflux, and nausea and stops the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body which will definitely disturb your weight loss process.


  • Burns Fat & Cholesterol: Curry leaves also prevent bad cholesterol in your body and burns the excess fat from your body.

  • Vitamin C Content: It contains vitamin C which is very necessary for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. Vitamin C is very effective in healing wounds in your body it works as an antibiotic and makes your bones and teeth stronger. According to a study higher vitamin C intake associated with lower body mass index so once should not skip curry leaves from their diet.


  • Loaded With Vitamins & Minerals: Curry leaves are rich sources of fiber, calcium, phosphorous, iron, Vitamin A, B and E

  • Other Health Benefits:
  • Curry leaves are anti-diabetic herb, it improves the blood sugar level in Type-2 diabetes. It contains dietary fiber which helps to regulate the glucose in your body by slowing down it’s absorption from the intestine into the blood stream.
  • Curry leaves improve your immune system very effectively, increases your stamina and fights with lots of diseases from inside the body.
  • It is very effective for your eyesight problems like night blindness.
  • It protects you from skin infections such as rashes and swelling.



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