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My Name is Prerna Jha my website is all about healthy diet food recipes reliable skin & hair care remedies if I have to tell you about myself well! There is nothing much to talk about me. I am an Indian girl. I am a wheelchair bound person and I have completed my graduation in Fashion Designing from India’s one of the top Fashion Institute NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY  now I know this line will definitely make you think that what is the connection between fashion designing and health and beauty remedies. This entire scenario has changed for me when I got some serious health issues which started due to my weight gain and my weight gain processes started due to my physical condition so I started taking care of my health seriously and I went in depth of everything during that period I started searching and reading about the foods, herbs and their effects on our health issues. I started experimenting with the foods and herbs and started including them in my daily diet on the basis of my researches, and I found a tremendous change in my health even my medical reports shown an amazing improvement and now me and my behaviour towards my health has totally changed i became more conscious about my fitness and health. My diet ideas not only works for me as a physically challenged person who cannot walk but also works for an able body person. being a wheelchair-bound person it is very difficult to lose or maintain weight because as compared to able body person we have very less physical activities but being in this situation also now I m able to manage my weight successfully so I thought why not sharing my personal experience with more people so that if someone finds it helpful whether they are in my condition or not they can get benefitted with it but here I would also like to mention one thing that, On this website, I share my personal experiences, my own developed recipes, diet recipes, skin care & hair care remedies. I tried to deliver my best but as I am not a professional so readers are requested not to consider it as a professional advice.

I hope you will enjoy reading my articles. 🙂

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