it will instantly reduce your belly fat & you will see the difference in just 2 wees, this is a herbal tea for rapid weight loss

Best Detox Tea To Reduce Belly Fat Instantly

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As I always say I personally don’t believe in any diet plan because I know I m not going to follow it more than a week but at the same time I also want to stay healthy, fit & active so what I do? I always choose those options which are beneficial for health & promote weight loss. In my opinion, this is the best way to stay healthy because you can easily carry on in such way for long term. So people who agree with me & like to follow this way to stay healthy here I am with an amazing tea recipe for you.


·        It will incredibly reduce your belly fat
·        It will reduce your weight
·        It will boost your immunity
·        It will improve your metabolism
·        It will digest your meal very fast
·        It keeps you active for the rest of the day


·       Peppermint leaves

It is a very low calorie. It contains many essential oils which & are very beneficial for our good health & it releases its oils when infused or boils in water. It has anti-oxidant properties in it which work as a great anti-microbial & anti-viral in our body. It has several vitamins & minerals which very essential for our body such as iron, vitamin A, potassium & it also has fiber in it but in very small amount. It soothes your stomach give you relief from bowel irritation like indigestion, it also soothes your muscles surrounded the intestine, it reduces all the inflammations from your stomach. It stimulates the digestive enzymes these enzymes absorbs all the nutrients from your food & consume fat & it into energy so it is very effective in weight loss. It promotes digestion.

·        Coriander leaves

This aromatic leaf has amazing health benefits but you cannot take its benefits unless you have it in large volume or take it as a drink. It has no fat, calorie in very less amount. It has vitamin A, B & iron in it. It is a great detoxifier for your kidney & liver, it reduces bloating & water retention which is very helpful in weight loss. It maintains your sugar level if you have high sugar level it lowers down it, it also contains protein which keeps your stomach full for a long time. It promotes digestion. It acts as an anti-bacterial in your body & removes yeasts, fungus, bacteria & infection which dissolves all your food very fast & you feel hungry very quickly. It improves your immunity.

·        Ginger
In Ayurveda ginger has a very important place for weight loss & health care. It is very effective to reduce belly fat because it reduces your appetite, it stops you from overeating it also helps you in hormonal changes & give you an instant energy & keeps you active & if you don’t feel lethargic you do exercise or more body movement which definitely in weight loss. It improves your metabolism, It promotes digestion, It maintains your cholesterol & your blood sugar level, It also prevents the formulation of blood clots in your body. It has anti-inflammatory properties & it also improves your immunity.

·        Black pepper

Black pepper is a very hot spice which also has medicinal properties as well. It contains vitamin A & C. It has anti-oxidant properties. It has amazing effects on stomach-related problems such as it prevents you from diarrhea, constipation, acidity & it also promotes digestion. Black pepper release a heat in your body & that heat itself burns the fat cells in your body & reduce belly fat & promote weight loss. It absorbs all the nutrients from your food & properly regulates it in your body. It’s intake also gives you a healthy & a flawless skin.

·        Licorice
Along with the numerous skin & beauty benefits, licorice also has its health benefits although it’s excess intake can be harmful but if you take it in a balanced or in a limited quantity it is very beneficial for your weight loss & for your health. It has anti-oxidant properties. It controls your cholesterol level & improves your metabolism although it is very sweet naturally & mostly avoided by diabetic people in a very limited quantity, diabetic people can also take it if they are obese.

·        Turmeric

It is a natural detoxifier so it protects your kidney & liver. It maintains your cholesterol, it increases the flow of bile in your stomach which helps to break down fat which promotes weight loss, it is a natural antiseptic so it heals you from inside & improves your immunity.

·        Lemon
It has vitamin C in it which is very helpful in weight loss
·        1 bowl mint leaves
·        1 bowl coriander leaves
·        1 lemon
·        1- 1 ½ inch ginger
·     1-inch fresh turmeric ( you can also use powder turmeric if you are using that  take ½ TSP but) 
·        ½ TSP black pepper powder
·        2-3 small pieces of licorice root (not more than this)
·        1 liter of water

Mix everything in the water & bring it to boil on very low flame, after its boil & every ingredient left their extract in the water leave it for another 10-15 minutes just to reduce some water but not much & after this switch off the flame & let it sit to cool down. When it is completely cool down strain it & keep it in the refrigerator. You can preserve it in the refrigerator for two days not more than that. 

DOSES: 1 regular cup empty stomach early in the morning, 1 cup after lunch, 1 cup after dinner.
Warm it a little while having this tea.
IMPORTANT NOTE: pregnant ladies should avoid this drink it’s not good for them.
To know the proper process of making this tea you can watch this video


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