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Gram Flour Besan(बेसन) For Weight Loss

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Gram Flour or Chickpea flour is known Besan(बेसन) in Hindi. It is a most popular and a common ingredient of Indian Kitchen but it is not just an ingredient it is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. With gram flour, you can make super delicious food recipes healthy or unhealthy both. It is rich in nutrients and fiber so it is an amazing ingredient for weight loss so let’s know how it works for weight loss.

  • Fiber Content: Gram flour is an excellent source of dietary fiber. In 100gm of gram flour, there is 11gm fiber in it. The fiber in it is a soluble fiber and it is also rich in resistant starch all of this makes it low GI food as well. It keeps your stomach fill and prevents you from constipation. This makes it perfect for weight loss.

  • Low Calorie and High Protein: Foods which contain high fiber usually has low calories. Chickpeas have high nutrients density still they are low in calories. Gram flour is high in protein which again keeps you full for a longer time and prevents you from overeating same as dietary fiber.


  • Gluten Free: Gram flour is totally gluten free which makes it more beneficial for people who are in weight loss process because people with gluten sensitivity or gluten allergic and celiac patients can easily consume it too if they also want to lose weight and prevent them from the negative effects on gut and digestion


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