8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Calendula Tea


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Calendula which is also known as Marigold is a flower with medicinal properties it is especially used in homeopathic medicines. It has numerous herbal properties its antibacterial properties naturally heals your cuts and wounds. It is widely grown in Russia. The commonly used part is its petals these petals are used to make tea, soup, stew, salads ointments. It is also used in cooking to provide a nice color to the recipe.

Benefits Of Calendula Tea:

  • Improves Immune System: It is loaded with all vitamins and minerals which is essential for our body it contains beta-carotene which itself is not an essential nutrient but our body converts beta-carotene into Vitamin A which is an essential vitamin for our body, it boosts your immune system and gives you a healthy skin it also improves your eyesight. Beta-carotene commonly found in carrots.


  • Improves Digestion: Calendula tea works to treat upset stomach, ulcer and Bladder infections this protects you from metabolic diseases.Health benefits of calendula tea
    • Detoxifier: It cleanses your blood and removes all the toxins from your body.


    • Fights Fever: It brings down your body temperature when you in fever.


    • Good For Mouth Health: It is a great mouthwash it cures numbers of oral diseases.


    • Soothes A Sore Throat: If you have pain in your throat drink calendula tea it will give you relief from the pain.


    • Menstrual Disorder: Drinking calendula tea regulates your menstruation and also gives you relief from menstrual cramps.


    • Good For Liver: Calendula tea cleanses your liver and helps in proper bile secretion this leads you to healthy body function.Health benefits of calendula teaWarning: Calendula tea is not recommended for pregnant women as it promotes menstrual health and also not recommended for breastfeeding mothers.Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea: Darjeeling tea also a black tea but the manufacturing process is different and it is much healthier than normal black tea. Like any other tea, Darjeeling tea also has antioxidant properties. It is good for your bone health and increases your bone density.    


My Recipe Of Calendula Tea: Take 1 TSP dried calendula petals and one fourth TSP Darjeeling leaf tea add hot boiling water and steep it for 8-9 minutes then strain it and have this tea when it is lukewarm.

Doses: 1 cup early in the morning empty stomach and 1 cup 30 minutes after your lunch.

Reference Link for Darjeeling tea: LIVESTRONG





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