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How To Make Homemade Organic DIY Kajal | Preparation and Entire Process | An Ayurvedik Kajal

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Kajal, Surma, Kohl so many names and so many benefits as well. In Indian culture, people have their beliefs in small things like if I talk about kajal apart from its benefits for eyes there is one more reason behind putting kajal in children’s eyes by their grand maa and maa. They have a belief that by applying kajal in their kid’s eyes they can protect them from bad and negative vibes and other than that the practical reasons behind applying this homemade kajal to their children’s eyes are, homemade kajal are chemical free, It has so many medicinal advantages for eyes, traditionally it was used to apply to prevent any eye infection such as conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer and many more. There was a time when people did not get the medical facilities very easily so they used to do such home remedies to protect themselves from diseases as much as possible. Kajal has been used as a beauty enhancer or a part of the makeup for women since ancient time but as time changed, components of kajal and it’s manufacturing process has changed a lot but not in a healthy way. The biggest problem with homemade kajal is that it does not stay in your eyes for a long time. As scenario has changed a lot, people want waterproof and smudge proof kajal so that it can stay for long in their eyes and it is a quite understandable thing that nobody wants to fix their makeup in every half an hour. It is good to use such products but as everything comes with a price if you frequently use these cosmetic water and smudge proof kajal you will get major eye related issues because these kajal have so many chemicals in very high amount such as lead, mercury, and parabens. Which is not at all a good idea to put in your eyes but I know this is not possible to stop using these kajal completely but at least we can avoid it as much as we can. There are some people who like to embellish their eyes with kajal regularly whether they are at home or somewhere else in that case you can use this homemade kajal and apply that cosmetic kajal occasionally when it is required. Homemade kajal have minerals like zinc, copper, sulfate and other herbs so you can imagine how good these kajal are? 
        Benefits of this homemade kajal:
   ·        This kajal will soothe and cool your eyes.
        ·        This kajal has antibacterial properties.
        ·        This kajal is very safe for your eyes and can
              be applied to small kids as well.
        ·        This kajal will prevent inflammation in your eyes.
        ·        This kajal will even increase your lash growth.
        ·        5-6 Betel leaves (pan)
        ·        1-1 ½  inch camphor (Kapoor)
        ·        A small size cotton or malmal fabric
        ·        Mustard oil/ Cow’s milk butter (ghee) as per your requirement
        ·        1 TSP Organic beeswax
        ·        1 ½ TSP Castor oil
        ·        ½ TSP Wheat germ oil
        ·        2- 2 ½ TSP Kohl
        ·        A big clay cup (diyali)
        ·        A small clay cup(diya)
     ·        Betel Leaves (pan): It is an amazing antiseptic. Being a good antiseptic it can be applied on cuts to kill germs. It also contains antifungal properties. It is loaded with calcium, Phosphorous, Iron and iodine. It is very effective for night blindness and it is very effective for red itchy eyes as well.
     ·        Camphor(Kapoor): It has antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It has cooling properties in it so it soothes your eyes from irritating and itchy eyes it also prevents your eyes from getting dried.
     ·        Castor oil(arandi ka tel): It provides the lubrication to your eyes to keep it moist because dry eyes can get some serious eye problems. It is very helpful in preventing cataracts. It has amazing effects on eye strain. It is excellent for age-related changes in the eyes, It amazingly works on your under eye wrinkles and it also controls eye infections
    ·        Wheat germ oil:  It is rich in vitamin E, It is full of antioxidant properties.  
Process: First of all grind betel leaves and take out the juice. Now take a clean washed cotton or malmal fabric.
Note: Fabric has to be white non-colored else it can be harmful to your eyes.
Now dip this fabric in the juice and let it sit for 20 minutes to half an hour. After that take out the fabric and hang it in a shaded area and let it air dry do not dry it in sunlight else all the goodness of the betel leaves will be destroyed. Make wick of this fabric when it is dry. Place this wick in a clay cup (diyali) and fill it with mustard or cow’s milk butter(ghee). Now take camphor in the other small clay cup (diya) now take 2 steel glasses or bowl or anything which is easily available to you and put it on both the side of the wick. 
Now burn the camphor first and place it like this that the other wick can also catch the fire, now keep steel or a copper plate on the glasses and let the kohl come out on the plate. Now scrape all the kohl and melt the beeswax with the help of double boiler and mix castor and wheat germ oil and after mixing oils and wax at last mix kohl and now keep it in a clean container.
Now here I would like to mention one thing that you can always increase the quantity of beeswax in the same recipe this will make the kajal more smudge proof but then it will become very dry and would be very difficult to apply and also it will become non-pigmented so I would not recommend you to do that but again it’s up to you. You can use it anytime of the day but I would recommend that apply this kajal at night before going to bed also this will give you a medicinal effect in your eyes. Although there are no proven facts that homemade kajal have medicinal properties but as we are traditionally following this method and so as per our personal experience more or less it is better than cosmetic kajal and I guess there is no harm in using homemade natural herbal kajal. You can also watch the entire making process of this kajal in my video which I will be linking bellow.
Minus point: It is not a smudge proof and waterproof so you cannot apply it if you are going to any party or function but if you are at home or going for casual outing it would be the best option because it is natural and safe for your eyes.  

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