Navratri Diet Plan/Navratri Upvas Diet Plan

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Navratri is a very popular festival in India. As the name, Navratri suggests Nav means 9 in Sanskrit and Ratri means nights. Means people celebrate this festival for 9 nights or you can say 9 days. Within these 9 days people keep fast & eat fruits, veggies, without salt or they only use sendha namak(Rock salt) for 9 days & non grainy(pseudocereals) food items Although in these 9 days people have the opportunity to utilize it to maintain their health and weight but people do just opposite of it and put on too much of weight instead of losing weight so I thought I should make a diet plan for Navratri which is easy to follow for people who keep fast for 9 days considering restricted food items and people who do not keep fast even they can follow this diet plan. So let’s know the diet plan.

If you are following this diet plan in the fast then it is obvious that you will not eat anything without following your rituals or prayer so after finishing all these rituals

  • Have overnight soaked 3 Figs (anjeer) with a glass of lukewarm water. Having soaked figs empty stomach early in the morning will promote weight loss and it will also help in constipation there are people who get constipated during the fast so it will be very beneficial for them also. It is very helpful for people with high BP problem. So this is a must to have ingredient in this diet plan as suggested.


By this time you have to have your breakfast. Do not delay your breakfast because as early as you eat your breakfast it will benefit your health and will promote weight loss. In the breakfast you have 3 options 2 of them are instant and easy to prepare for people who do not have the time to cook in the morning.


  • Banana & Almond Smoothie: To make this smoothie take 8-9 overnight soaked almonds 2-3 medium-size banana as per your appetite( do not take more than 3 bananas & overripe banana), required amount of skimmed or low-fat milk blend everything in the mixer jar & make a smoothie and have a large glass of this smoothie
  • Weight Loss Lassi: you can watch the recipe on this link CLICK HERE  *note in this lassi recipe I have used vanilla essence but in religious fasting there are certain restrictions in terms of consuming food so if you are having this weight loss lassi in this Navratri fast you have to skip that vanilla essence rest of the ingredients will remain the same.
  • Sabudana(sago) Khichadi: Now if I talk about this third option there is nothing very healthy about sabudana(sago) it is a pure form of carb & starch but as it is a very popular recipe in India during the fast people in large number have this recipe so I have to include it in this diet plan but in this diet plan there are some rules while consuming it. You have to have sabudana khichadi in the breakfast only because at this time your metabolism is very high so it can be easily digested and the carbohydrate present in it will give the instant energy to your body & mind for the rest of the day as your body will utilize it for the entire day during the fast and do not add potato in it instead of adding potato add more veggies which you can eat in the fast. To watch the recipe check out this link CLICK HERE.

*along with your breakfast you can also have your tea (green tea or normal milk tea) as per your liking.

LUNCH 12:00PM 1:00PM

For lunch, I am again giving you 3 options which are very filling and keep you full for very long. These options are quite healthy and promote weight loss.

  • Aalu Chat: For this recipe, I would like to mention one thing that in this recipe I have used sweet potato and plain potato both but there are people who cannot find sweet potato easily at their place so you can add any of them but try not to skip rest of the ingredients. To watch the recipe you can check out the link CLICK HERE.

  • Buckwheat(Kuttu) Ke Ante Ka Chila: Buckwheat which is called kuttu ka anta in Hindi is very good for the diabetic person, it also promotes weight loss and it is also good for constipation but if you have it at night as one of your dinner options then it might give constipation for some people. This recipe is very tasty to watch the recipe check out the link CLICK HERE.

  • Taro Root (Arbi) ki Puri: Taro roots which are also known arbi in Hindi are very beneficial for health as well as for weight loss. It is very good for your digestive system, it boots your immune system, it prevents diabetes and very good for heart health so this recipe will definitely include a very healthy portion to this diet plan and it is a very delicious recipe. To watch the recipe you can check out this link CLICK HERE.


For evening tea you can have either normal milk tea or green tear whatever you like to have with the mixer of three dry fruits (Pistachio, roasted peanuts & roasted fox nuts or lotus seeds makhana in Hindi) the amount you need to have is one hand full of this mixer not more than that.


For dinner, I made it very light with the options. For dinner, I have given 2 soups options and 1 chia pudding option these options are quite filling but very light at the same time so these recipes will also promote weight loss and has amazing health benefits it will fulfill all your nutritional requirements.

  • Veg Tomato Soup: You can watch the recipe by clicking on this link CLICK HERE.

  • Spinach (palak) Soup: You can watch the recipe by clicking on this link CLICK HERE.

  • Chia Pudding: You can watch the recipe by clicking on this link CLICK HERE.


*If you sleep late at night then you must feel hungry at that time so in that case, you can have some dry fruits & have a glass of water with it but always remember that have dry fruits in a very small amount.

*Use only sendha namak (Rock salt) to make all the recipes mentioned in this diet plan.

*There are people who keep fast without salt including me so in that case, you can skip salt from all the recipes it may taste little different but it won’t taste that bad and we can manage that much for the sake of good health.

*Drink enough water for the entire day to keep your body hydrated


Disclaimer: This Navratri fast Diet plan is totally based on my personal experience so kindly do not consider it as a professional advice.

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