It is a fatty ingredient which is extracted from the nut of shea tree in West Africa.

Skin Benefits Of Shea Butter And it’s use for a healthy skin

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Today I will talk about the most popular ingredient shea butter & I will also share an effective remedy with you. These days it is a very popular ingredient in cosmetic & personal care products industryMost of the creams, lotions bath soaps have this ingredient in it. It       

 has a magical effect on your skin.
    Shea butter:
     It is a fatty ingredient which is extracted from the nut of shea tree in West Africa. Original raw
     shea butter is off white in color It is fully loaded with vitamin A, E & F. Vitamin F is very 
     beneficial for blemishes & scars. 
         1)   It provides UV protection, It has (SPF~6 )
         2)   Due to its natural fatty acids & vitamins, it has an amazing moisturizing effect on your skin
         3)   It removes wrinkles from your skin due to its anti-ageing properties.
         4)   It has cinnamic acid & other natural properties which make it an anti-Inflammatory         
         5)   It has skin natural collagen production due to which it makes your skin smooth, soft & supple.
         6)   It is very effective in removing scars, blemishes, rashes, acne & pimple marks.    
      But if you are purchasing raw shea butter not any cream or mixed with any other ingredients, you 
      have to be little careful because mostly you will get refined & processed butter which would be 
      white in color & mostly has no scent in it on the other hand raw & pure shea butter has nutty &           smoky scent in it & off white in color.
        1)    1- 1 ½ TSP shea butter
        2)    1 TSP pomegranate juice
        3)    1 TSP kaolin clay
        4)    1-2 drops of cloves oil or cloves essential oil(totally optional)
        5)    1-2 drops of lavender essential oil or any essential oils of your choice
     Melt butter with double boiling method & also warm the pomegranate juice with double boiling    
     the method it is a very important step it will help you to mix butter & juice together easily.
     Mix everything properly & freeze it for 25-20 minutes & it’s ready to use.      
     You can also see the entire process of making this cream in this vide please check this video.
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