it is a plant and it's leaves are naturally sweet in nature. It's leaves are 40 times sweeter than sugar., Stevia

Stevia Leaves For Diabetes

health benefits of stevia leaves
Hey! Guys
So today’s article is dedicated to all my lovely readers who are suffering from diabetes & to my parents as they are also suffering from this disease. Diabetic patients are always very concerned about their diet and they also have to keep themselves away from sugary foods so here I am with the best substitute of sugar which will stop your craving for sweet, Stevia Leaves. Yes, Stevia, it is a plant and its leaves are naturally sweet in nature. Its leaves are 40 times sweeter than sugar and the refined version which derived from these leaves itself are 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. Now many of you will definitely have a question in your mind that in diabetes many of the fruits and foods are prohibited which are naturally sweet, then how can Stevia Leaves are beneficial for diabetics?  I totally agree with you but the reason why Stevia Leaves are perfect for diabetics is that it has zero glycemic index which makes it perfect for diabetics. It has an amazing power of controlling your blood glucose level.

Why Stevia Leaves Are Naturally Sweet:
Stevia plant has a chemical compound called Stevia Glycoside which provides Stevia Leaves this sweetness. This compound also regulates your blood sugar level by increasing insulin resistance.     
Why It Is So Effective:
These amazing leaves are originated from South America. Many countries are using it for medicinal purpose. It has zero calories and has no carbohydrates which mean it will always maintain your blood sugar and insulin level. It has no fat no cholesterol and it is loaded with vitamins and minerals.
Precaution: The only problem which you need to take care about is people with low blood sugar level should avoid Stevia Leaves because it could drop your sugar level more, as it is effective in controlling blood sugar level.
Side effects: No as such significant side effects found in Stevia Leaves. There are some small allergies may occur like bloating and nausea but that too very rare. As of me and my parents having Stevia Leaves for some time so I can say that it is a quite good substitute of sugar and I would definitely recommend it to others also although it will not taste like heaven in your mouth (the raw dried leaves) after some time as you get used to it you will start enjoying its taste. Here I would also like to mention one thing that always uses raw dried Stevia Leaves do not use that refined and processed Stevia leaves powder or liquid drops as they are processed with chemicals and not all that natural.
The problem is that in India people are not aware of such amazing natural foods and compelled to live a boring diabetic life. I am hoping that as the scenario is changing fast people will come to know about these natural ingredients and will be able to live a healthy life.

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