Weight Loss Roti Recipe With Sweet Potato

Does Sweet Potato Helps In Weight Loss

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So today I’ll discuss a very interesting topic which I am quite sure you all will like. Weight loss with Sweet Potato I guess most of us are not aware of this fact. Some time back I was also not aware of this fact but I used to love eating sweet potato & one day a question came into my mind that is there any health & weight loss benefits of sweet potato so I started searching & reading about it & I came to know that this is not just a food it is a magical food & I started having it in a right manner & saw a noticeable difference in my weight so today I am sharing some of the nutritional facts which I came to know about sweet potato & a magical weight loss roti recipe made with this amazing ingredient which I  have experimented for my weight loss.

Benefits of this weight loss roti:

  • You can lose weight very fast
  • It will fulfill all your daily nutrients requirements
  • Stops you from overeating
  • Keep you full for a longer period of time
  • Manage your blood sugar level
  • Keeps you active
  • Improve your immunity
  • Control your cholesterol

How to have this roti in your diet: Our body get used to of any food or detox tea or detox water or any other food item quickly so we should not stick to any specific food or meal plan for a longer period of time the same thing goes with this roti as well. You can have this roti for lunch or dinner as well although our dinner should be very light but if you tend to have heavy dinner this will help to keep you feeling full for longer period of time. You can have this roti as long as you want but have it in such a manner that your body not get used to of it quickly have this roti regularly for the first one week and from the second week have it alternatively whether you are having it for dinner or lunch and also switch it between lunch and dinner.

Quantity: have 2-3 roti in your diet not more than that because it will take the time to digest in your stomach so more quantity may result negatively.

Low-Calorie Content:
Sweet potato is very low in calories which are the best part if you are in weight management. When you are in weight loss process you need to have fewer calories in your diet & 100gm sweet potato has 87 calories which are quite good for your weight management.
Dietary Fiber Content:
Sweet potato is high in dietary fiber which is again a plus point for this food because it will take a lot of room in your stomach which helps to keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. It digests very slowly in your stomach which prevents you from overeating.
Carbohydrate Content:
It is true that sweet potato also has carbohydrate in it now you all must be thinking that how is it possible that still, it will lose your weight? So my answer would be to you in simple words that there are good carbohydrates & bad carbohydrates & sweet potato has good carbohydrates in it. Good carbs slowly absorbed into your body which maintains our blood sugar level & due to this only sweet potato has the low glycemic index which makes it easily consumable for diabetic patients as well.
High Water Content:
It has the high amount of water. Our body response quickly to the water content food that is why it is very helpful in weight management. It has 77% of water content in it & like dietary fiber, it will also make you feel full for longer period of time & stops you from over eating.
For diabetic Patients:
Although sweet potato is naturally sweet & many of diabetic patients must be thinking that they have to be deprived of this amazing food but don’t worry guys there is a good news for you. Sweet potato has a very low glycemic index. Boiled sweet potato has approximately only 11 GI which makes it perfect for diabetic patients so guys enjoy this tasty food & stay fit.
NOTE:  Here I would like to mention one thing that consumes it in boiled form only because fried form will increase it’s glycemic index & carbs content (in a negative way) & will make it unhealthy.
Weight loss roti recipe with sweet potato:
1) 2 medium size sweet potato
2) 7-8 full TBSP grind oats powder
3) one small size onion
4) 1 medium size green chili
5) coriander
6) 7-8 garlic cloves
7) 1-inch grated ginger

8) 1TSP sea salt or pink Himalayan salt 

Other ingredients: Oats is low in calories, low in fat & rich in fiber. Ginger and garlic both are very effective in weight loss. Onion burns extra fat from your body; it adds extra fiber in your food. Green Chili and coriander both are very helpful in weight loss. Sea salt or pink Himalayan salt they speed your weight loss process.
About the salt: Now people often ask me can we use table salt or normal salt instead of sea salt or pink Himalayan salt? My answer is yes you can it just that these two salts are amazing for weight loss and if you are in weight loss process it will make the process fast and normal salt will not work like that but yes you can use it. 
Boil the sweet potato & mash it well & mix all the ingredients except grind oats powder, oats powder needs to be mixed slowly to the mixer as per the requirement, knead it well. Now make small balls of this dough & make chapati out of it. To know the right trick of making chapati of this dough please watch the video which I have attached bellow.
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        Prerna Jha

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