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So today I will share an amazing recipe of a weight loss roti/ chapatti which is very effective in weight loss I made this recipe on a huge request from my viewers and it came out very effective. In India, we are habituated to eat roti/ chapatti and people cannot avoid it. Now a day’s people have become more health conscious and more aware of the healthy diet so we all try to skip wheat roti from our diet which we actually cannot do completely. In India we make roti/chapati of whole wheat flour regularly in every single house although eating whole wheat flour is not too good for our health and for weight loss but if we include it in our diet with some moderation, in limited amount, and with some time management then we can easily take the benefits of whole wheat flour because it has many minerals and vitamins also which we cannot avoid. These nutritional values are very helpful in our weight loss and in many other health issues as well. I have tried to make a roti recipe which we can eat every day, which can be a good replacement of normal whole wheat flour roti which is not entirely made with whole wheat flour and has more nutritional value and has more health benefits than the regular whole wheat flour roti.

Benefits Of This Weight Loss Roti/Chapati:

  • This roti has fewer calories than the regular rotis
  • This roti has lots of vitamins and nutritional values
  • This roti is rich in fiber
  • This roti has a good amount of complex carbohydrates
  • This roti is very beneficial for diabetic patients it controls your blood sugar level
  • This roti improves your cholesterol level
  • This roti reduces the risk of hearts diseases
  • This roti improves your digestive system
  • It prevents you from constipation

Not Effective For:

This roti is not effective for people who are suffering from Thyroid, PCOS/PCOD, Celiac and other certain kind of disease because it contains some amount of gluten which is not good for people who are suffering from such disease although it will not be harmful to them because it does not contain a high amount of gluten but it will not be beneficial for them.

Gluten In It:

Many people think that Gluten is not good for health or weight management but this is not entirely true as per my personal experience gluten can be harmful for them mainly who are suffering from some certain kind of diseases in which people are allergic to gluten and this roti has less amount of gluten as compare to normal whole wheat roti as it is made with the mixture of many flours so if Thyroid or PCOS/PCOD patients will eat this roti it will not harm them but at the same time they will not get benefitted with it also.

Complex Carbohydrate:

This roti contains complex carbohydrates now many people think that carbohydrates are not good for weight loss but complex carbohydrates are good for health as well as for weight loss the only thing that you need to keep in mind is to consume complex carbs in moderation & in day time only.

  • Better Digestion:

Complex carbs often have lots of fiber which helps your stool to pass smoothly from your digestive tracts which give you better digestion, removes toxins from your body and prevents you from bloating.

  • Weight Loss:

Eating complex carbs keeps you full faster and longer which prevents you from overeating and suppress your diet.


  • 200gm Whole Wheat Flour
  • 50gm Oats Flour (Grind Oatmeal)
  • 25gm Pearl Millet (Bajra)
  • 12gm Yellow Moong Dal( Bina Chilke Wali pili moong dal)
  • 12gm Maize Flour or Corn Flour (makki ka anta)
  • 25gm Gram Flour (Besan)
  • 1-1/2 one and a half TSP Anar Dana(Dried Pomegranate seeds)
  • 1 TBSP (approximately 7gm) Flax seeds Powder(alsi)
  • 1 TSP (approximately 1gm) Mint Leaves Powder(pudina powder)
  • 1 TSP (approximately 1gm) Curry Leaves Powder(curry patta powder)
  • 1 TBSP (approximately 7gm) Fennel Seeds Powder(saunf powder)

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  • Dry roast flax seeds and fennel seeds before grinding them and then only add them to the mixture.
  • Dry roast yellow moong dal before grinding it but only half dry roast it not entirely dry roast it and then grind it and then strain it through a fine strainer else it will be little granulated which will make the roti making process difficult for you if you are making this moong dal flour at home and then only add it to the mixture. If you do not do this step your dough will not be perfect it will become slimy.
  • Grind the Anar dana and make it little granulated then only add it to the flour

Making Process:

Mix all the ingredients & keep it in an air tight container you can increase or decrease the quantity as per your requirement but in the same ratio. Make the dough 20 minutes before making the roti if you immediately make the roti after kneading the dough your roti will not be soft it will become hard so always remember this step then make the roti as you make your regular roti to see the process you can check out my video.

Video Of Making Weight Loss Roti

Suggest Quantity To Eat:

This roti will be little heavier than the regular roti you eat so eat this roti in half the quantity you eat your regular roti for example if your diet is of 4  regular rotis you have, 2 of this weight loss roti it will equally fill your stomach. For best results have this weight loss roti at day time only like in breakfast and in lunch.

IMPORTANT: Do not make any changes in the quantity of the ingredients else it will affect the nutritional values of the roti and your roti will not become soft as well. Do not skip even a single ingredient from this roti all the ingredients are very important and have their own importance in it.


The recipe of this weight loss roti is entirely mine and based on my research and my personal experience. I got very good results with this weight loss roti on me & on some of my known people I hope you like the recipe and will definitely get some amazing results.

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